abc studios at the Ranch

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Disney | ABC Studios at The Ranch Will be a World-class Environmentally Sensitive Project that Enhances and Enriches the History and Beauty of Golden Oak Ranch and Placerita Canyon.

Disney | ABC Studios at The Ranch includes:

  • 6 Pairs of Soundstages
  • Production Offices
  • Talent Bungalows
  • Commissary and other Amenities
  • Administration Offices
  • Production Shops
  • Production Storage (Sets, Props, Drapery, Costumes and more)
  • Support Facilities

Depending on market conditions and need, the project could be reduced to 4 pairs of soundstages and up to 100,000 square feet of studio office space.

Design Features:

  • Limit development to approximately less than 7% of the Ranch
  • Complement the rural and agricultural setting
  • Create extensive and native landscaping along streets, entries and throughout the new studio
  • Respect and enhance Placerita Creek
  • Maintain vistas of Placerita Canyon
  • Minimize visibility of project from adjacent properties
  • Protect the 195-acre outdoor filming operations at the Ranch
  • Retain 637-acre natural backdrop areas of the Ranch
  • Locate projects with direct access to State Route 14

Green Design Features:

  • Implement green building design and construction practices to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification
  • Reduce energy use by exploring sustainable design features such as green walls, solar panels and cool roofs
  • Plant native and drought-tolerant landscaping to minimize water usage
  • Use planted areas and bio-swales to minimize stormwater runoff
  • Create synergistic use of indoor and outdoor production activity to reduce traffic impacts in region
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